The Last Jewish Gangster:
Myron Sugerman 

The Mob, The Jews & Israel 

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The son of Jewish mobster, Barney "Sugie" Sugerman, Myron worked as a manager for Meyer Lansky's organisation operating slot machines in the 70's. He also reintroduced the slot machine business into New York City, where it had been outlawed for nearly 40 years, attracting the attention of both the FBI and the bosses of NY's five major crime families. 

He will tell the story of the Jewish Mob and their remarkable contributions to the betterment of the Jewish people. They fought the American Nazi party in the 30's and supplied arms, cash and illegal weapons to both the Hagana and Irgun in the struggle for Israel's independence.

Sugarman also assisted Simon Weisenthal in the search for Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele.

Wednesday 6 December 2017
7:30pm Buffet Reception
8pm Lecture
At Chabad Lubavitch Leeds, Shadwell Lane, LS17
Admission: £10

For more information call Rabbi Eli Pink on 07875 320 344 or email [email protected] 

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The Last Jewish Gangster