The Leeds Mezuzah Campaign

There is a longstanding Jewish custom to check one's mezuzot during times of need.
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Committed to ensuring that every Jewish home in our community has Kosher and properly affixed Mezuzot, a portent for long life and protection.

The global mezuzah campaign was started in the summer of 1974, by the Lubavitcher Rebbe.At the time, the Rebbe quoted Torah verses and rabbinic teachings explaining how the mezuzah protects the inhabitants of the home, as well as the Jewish nation as a whole, specifically those living in Israel. We feel it is an appropriate time to rerun this campaign in Leeds.

Services Include:
Home visitation to remove mezuzot
FREE checking of all mezuzot by a certified scribe*
Home visitation to reaffix any kosher mezuzot
One FREE replacement kosher mezuzah*
Sourcing of additional kosher mezuzot if necessary


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We also have an entire section on Mezuzot on our website here with information, guides and videos.

To schedule an appointment and for more information please contact:
Rabbi Eli Pink of Chabad-Lubavitch Leeds
07875 320 344 or email
[email protected]

*mezuzahs are 10cm mezuzahs and of £55 value