Leeds Lubavitch

Leeds is currently acclaimed as the fastest growing city in the UK. We at Leeds Lubavitch are certainly upbeat about the growth of Jewish life in Leeds. The Jewish population is on an upward trend, and Jewish awareness has never been so enthusiastic.
Leeds Lubavitch opened in 1975 with the arrival of Rabbi Yirmiyahu and Mrs. Shoshana Angyalfi. They immediately became highly involved in many areas of Leeds Jewish communal life, initiating Lubavitch activities for all sectors of the community. Their popularity and success facilitated bringing another family of Shluchim in 1980. Rabbi Reuven and Mrs. Ruth Cohen arrived to continue the development of all the activities, especially in the area of Youth work.
The Lubavitch Centre was purchased in 1986, which at first was home to a Rabbinic Academy and then to a Shluchim programme. Currently the Centre is being used weekly for minyanim on Shabbat as well as weekly adult and childrens programmes. 

Landmarks in the history of Lubavitch in Leeds

Lubavitch Shluchim from New York visit on summer programs.

Important Rabbonim in Leeds begin correspondence and visits to the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

Rabbi Yirmiyahu Angyalfi arrives in Leeds as the first full time Shliach, establishing a permanent branch of the Lubavitch Foundation in Leeds.

Dayan Yehuda Refson arrives in Leeds and is appointed Rabbi of Shomrei Hadass.

Lubavitch expands. A third Lubavitch Rabbi, Rabbi Reuven Cohen along with his wife, arrives in Leeds establishing the Lubavitch Youth Organization for working with the youth in Leeds.

First Giant Menorah in Europe is built in Leeds by Rabbi R. Cohen. The Menorah remains the largest of its kind to this day.

The Tanya (philosophical work of the Alter Rebbe, founder of Lubavitch) is printed in Leeds.

Lubavitch Leisure and Cultural Centre opens on Shadwell Lane, providing regular activities for all ages.

Rabbinic Academy opens to attract young talent to the English Rabbinic scene.

Lorie Library open in the Lubavitch Communal Centre.

Leeds Gan Israel Day camp becomes Largest in Europe.

Lubavitch expands by adding new staff; greatly increasing it's scope of activities.

Shluchim program starts, allowing a vast range of new activities to take place.


Rabbi Yossi and Esti Angyalfi join the Lubavitch staff in Leeds.

The Lubavitch Leisure and Cultural Centre expand by opening the "Roots Room".
Lubavitch Shluchim from London begin to periodically visit Leeds.



Rabbi Michoel & Chana Sorah Danow and family join the Lubavitch staff and open the Leeds Student Chabad House.

Rabbi Eli and Dabrushy Pink join the Lubavitch staff in Leeds, taking responsibility for the educational activities.

An affiliate of the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute is opened in the Leeds Lubavitch Communal Centre.