An Educational Seminar marking the 7th Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Sholom Krafchik ע"ה


Sunday 2nd Shevat 5773 ~ 13th January 2013 
168 Shadwell Lane, Leeds, LS17 8AD

Shechitah and Shochtim
The Shochet’s role in Jewish Communal Life
Keynote Address by Dayan Yehuda Refson
Head of Leeds Beth Din

8:30 AM: Shacharis
9:20 AM: Bagel Breakfast
9:40 AM: Keynote Address by Dayan Refson: Shechitah and Shochtim
10:30 AM: Workshops:
Why Chassidus? - Rabbi Reuven Cohen
Maimonides on the Jewish Calendar - Rabbi Mendel Sufrin
Living with Integrity - JLI Taster Session - Rabbi Eli Pink
Celebrating Jewish Womanhood - Mrs Shoshana Angyalfi
11:15 PM: Video Presentation
11:30 PM: Closing Remarks

Charge: £5

For more information or to RSVP please call:
0113 266 3311 / 07875 320 344 or email [email protected]

Please also join us for a Chassidic farbrengen
to mark R’ Sholom’s yahrzeit. 
Thursday evening, 10th January ~ 28th Te
Maariv at 8pm followed by farbrengen.


Your RSVP would be appreciated.