Shabbat Dinner Packs 

A project of Chabad Lubavitch Leeds and the Friendship Circle of Leeds

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 Nominate yourself - or a friend - to receive a Shabbat Dinner Pack 

(Bookings are usually open from Monday 9am till Thursday 1pm)

Packs include:
Chicken or Vegetable Soup
Grape Juice
Oven Grilled Chicken or Salmon
Oven Baked Rice
Shabbat Candles
Lchaim Newsletter
Seasonal Specials (Apple & Honey, Honeycake, Doughnuts, Cheesecake)

Delivery will take place between 10.00am - 3.00pm on Fridays

No Charge
(cost price £5.75)

Would you like to sponsor a week of Shabbat Dinner Packs in honour of a Simcha? Head over to our donate page!

Questions? Email [email protected]
or call Rabbi Eli on 07875 320 344