Davening Indoors at Chabad Lubavitch Leeds

Due to the weather we are starting to daven indoors. This will be subject to everyone following the necessary regulations – a brief summary is below but please familiarise yourself with our full risk assessment. We will be having all the windows and doors open (and the heating on!).

  • No one to attend if they are feeling unwell, showing symptoms, are quarantining, or have been advised to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace.
  • Older members and those who are at heightened risk should use their judgment to decide whether to attend services. They should take into consideration the heightened potential risk to their health should they catch coronavirus.
  • Wait if someone else is entering/exiting the building.
  • Sanitiser to be used/hands thoroughly washed when entering and exiting the building.
  • Toilets should only be used by one person at a time - anti-bacterial wipes will be available in the toilets, please wipe down surfaces after use and dispose of in the bin.
  • Put on a mask before entering the building - provided if necessary – and wear it till you leave.
  • During weekday services – download NHS Test and Trace app (where possible) and log in with QR code displayed.
  • Attendance for Shabbat services only by pre-registration.
  • No singing during services.
  • During weekday services Siddurim/Tehillim/Chumash/Talis should preferably be brought and returned home for each service.
  • All places to be labelled. Do not move your place without confirming with the COVID officer.
  • Do not wander around the room during the services and you should distance from others at all times.
  • Familiarise yourself with our full risk assessment.

Please note only those who have registered will be allowed to attend! Registration will close when we are at capacity, so book in good time!


There will be some simultaneous children's services for children 3-6 taking place in the JHCC. Ideally parent's should not stay with the children indoors during children's services, but if they do they must wear a mask.

Our hope is that all of our preparations will be unnecessary as we'll be davening in Yerusholayim with Moshiach!!

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Our risk assessment is available here.
Our risk assessment for children's services is here.