Chabad Lubavitch Leeds Coronavirus Response

  • We will be guided in all our activities and responses by the guidance of UK Government. Our shul services have been suspended but shiurim and classes have moved online.
  • We would like to encourage people to reach out to us or any clergy if they feel the need for spiritual guidance or reassurance.
  • As you wash your hands regularly, bear in mind that we are all in the hands of the One Above. For more encouragement please read see a whole section on the crisis here .
  • Other online resources for now, or in the case of quarantine are, and for children
  • Please think about who you know is elderly or vulnerable. If you have a spare smartphone or tablet consider lending it to them and showing them how to video call and make online orders.


Some measures we have put in place:


  • A service to arrange someone to say kaddish for those who can't get to shul to say it. Click here.
  • A weekly communal Zoom call with words of inspiration and halachic and medical guidance. Details here
  • Calling around everyone on our database to check in on them. 
  • Free mezuzah checking and one free mezuzah. Click here.
  • We are supporting the elderly and vulnerable and volunteers and buddying them with volunteers. If you need help, or can volunteer, please click here .
  • Nominate someone - or yourself for a Shabbat pack. Click here.

To support these efforts please
click here and note that it is for coronavirus response.

We have a webpage set up with many resources - visit

May G‑d grant our world complete healing very soon — with the coming of Moshiach NOW!

Rabbi Eli and Dabrushy and all the team at Chabad Lubavitch Leeds