Prepare for Pesach
with Chabad Lubavitch Leeds
for a COVID-safe, Happy and Kosher Pesach


Join on Zoom
Wednesday 17th March, 8.30pm
Communal Zoom with Guest Rabbi Gershon Overlander
An opportunity to ask your halachic or medical questions
Meeting ID: 771 924 9755
Password: leeds

Monday 22nd March, 1-2pm
Lunch and Learn
Class on Freedom to Practice and Pesach
Meeting ID: 771 924 9755
Password: leeds

Tuesday 23rd March, 8pm
Prepping for Passover
Class on how to Prep for Passover and Practical Steps for Running your own Seder
Meeting ID: 771 924 9755
Password: leeds

Wednesday 24th March, 8.30pm
Communal Zoom - Feature Zoom
Fly Free: A Discussion on the Haggadah's insights and pre-Pesach Inspiration
Meeting ID: 771 924 9755
Password: leeds

For Children
Sunday 21st March, 4pm
Out-of-the-Box Model Matza Bakery and Charoset Making
By pre-booking here!
Ages 5-10

Shabbat and Yom Tov, 11am
Children's Services at Chabad Lubavitch Leeds
Ages 3-6

Your Seder-To-Go Kit
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An Easy Mitzvah!
Sell your Chametz online here!

Donate to the Pesach Fund here!

If you or anyone you know need financial or practical support for Pesach,
please reach out to any of the shluchim or shluchot at Chabad Lubavitch Leeds in confidence.