What is Shabbat UK?!

The Chief Rabbi's Shabbat UK is a truly ground breaking initiative that seeks to promote active engagement with Shabbat throughout the UK.

At its core, Shabbat UK is about harnessing all the goodness and uniqueness of a traditional, authentic Shabbat and inviting Jews around the country to celebrate it in a way they never have before. Shabbat is a central part of what it is to be Jewish. It plays a crucial role in Jewish identity with its powerfully uplifting and transformative qualities.

The Chief Rabbi is calling on Jews across the UK, regardless of their level of religious observance, to celebrate a Shabbat unlike any other, on the weekend of Friday 24th October and Saturday 25th October.

Everybody can participate in Shabbat UK, from the most observant Jews to those who may have never experienced the beauty of a Shabbat. It is about reaching out to people and inspiring communities. Some will keep Shabbat, perhaps for the first time, others will participate in the numerous communal events taking place. Many will find ways to bring Shabbat into their homes, whether by lighting Friday night candles, blessing their children or by inviting others into their home to share the Shabbat experience. The possibilities are endless.

While the main focus of Shabbat UK is in one's personal observance, Synagogues, Jewish schools and other Jewish organisations are planning a series of events to mark Shabbat UK. This is an incredible opportunity to join with fellow Jews around the world, inspired by the South African Shabbos Project, to experience life, for just one day, disconnected from the daily grind and engage with Shabbat in a meaningful way.

You can download a brochure about Shabbat UK
here and read more about it at

Below are the events that will be taking place for the Leeds Jewish Community:

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Friday Night Dinner.b94b355a7046dd48c2477d28c5f75d7115.jpg