Torah E-Thought: Hiding in Open Sight
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Torah Portion: Balak
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The recent Panorama  documentary tried to get to the bottom of the issue that some religious people have with teaching children about LGBT+ but, in my opinion, they completely missed the point. Many faith schools have an issue teaching any sort of sex education to primary school pupils. Under current legislation they are able to opt out of sex education, but not out of teaching about LGBT+ relationships as they come under  a different set of rules – LGBT+ teaching is seen as required to ensure acceptance of British values, as well as preparing the children for their own personal experiences.

Here lies the crux of the matter. Although Judaism sees intimacy as holy and important – we are not a religion that promotes celibacy – we also see it as something private.

In this week’s parshah we read about the non-Jewish prophet Bilaam, who had been hired to curse the Jewish people. Bilaam observed that the Jewish people arranged their tents so that the entrances did not line up, and they did not peer into each other’s homes. He uttered the famous words that have become part of our liturgy and a common Jewish song; “Ma tovu ohalecha Yaakov,” “How beautiful are your tents, Jacob!”

What was the beauty that Bilaam saw in the Jewish people’s tents? It was their dedication to maintaining privacy and modesty. Recognising their modest conduct and the purity it engendered, Bilaam exclaimed, “These people are worthy of having the Divine Presence rest upon them!” This, says Rashi, is what caused Bilaam to reconsider his plans to curse them, and he blessed them instead.


The Torah’s ethic of tzniut – modesty - not exposing those aspects of life intended to be private—clearly involves much more than not peering into another person’s tent. Yet Bilaam reconsidered his curses upon noticing this seemingly minor detail of the Jewish people’s conduct. From here we see that adherence to the details of tzniut - and not sufficing with the general  laws alone - has the power to transform even the worst curses into blessings.

Unfortunately, Judaism has faced many challenges and challengers over our history. Throughout it all, the Torah’s teachings have remained eternal and our values unchanging, and it is our firm commitment to these that will save us again.

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Parshah in a Nutshell

Parshat Balak

Balak, the king of Moab, summons the prophet  Balaam to curse the people of Israel. On the way, Balaam is  berated by his donkey, who sees, before Balaam does, the angel that G‑d sends to block their way. Three times, from  three different vantage points, Balaam attempts to pronounce his curses; each time,  blessings issue forth instead. Balaam also prophesies on the  end of the days and the coming of  Moshiach.

The people fall prey to the charms of the daughters of Moab, and are enticed to worship the idol  Peor. When a high-ranking Israelite official publicly takes a Midianite princess into a tent,  Pinchas kills them both, stopping the plague raging among the people.

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