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Message from the Rabbi
Dear Friend,

Tonight is Pesach! Visit our Pesach megasite at for all things Pesach related.

If you know of anyone still in need of any help for Pesach or a place for the Seder, please be in touch.

Wishing you a Good Shabbos and a Happy and Kosher Pesach,

Rabbi Eli Pink
Director of Education
Chabad Lubavitch Leeds

A favourite part of the Hagadah is the Four Sons. We read: “the Torah speaks of four children: one is wise, one is wicked, one is simple and one does not know how to ask.” The source for the narrative is the four separate places that the Torah instructs us to tell the story and mitzvos of Pesach to our children. The Hagadah interprets this as four different conversations, reflecting four types of children who might be asking the question: the wise son, the wicked son, the simple son, and the son who does not know how to ask.

The Hagadah’s placement of the son who does not know how to ask at the very end of the list seems unfair. If the first mentioned is the wise son, the most virtuous, then at the opposite end should be his nemesis, the wicked son. Why does the Hagadah list the wicked son immediately after the wise and righteous son, while the son whose only crime is his lack of knowledge is relegated to the very end?

By setting up the order in this way, the Hagadah highlights the crucial need to ensure that every Jewish child receives a Jewish education. In a certain sense, someone who is lacking a solid Jewish foundation is in a more lamentable position than someone who received that education but chose to rebel against it. A person who was never taught how to live Jewishly will have a long, slow journey, even when they do ultimately seek to understand and embrace their heritage. The wicked son, on the other hand, despite his current defiance and rebellion, can make the immediate transition into a “wise son,” the one he is adjacent to, as soon as he decides to do so.

Furthermore, we are certain that the wicked son will ultimately repent before the coming of Moshiach, as we are promised: “no one banished from Him will remain banished”. It is not a question of if, but when. And at that moment, since he has been fortunate enough to receive a solid Jewish education, he will be capable of immediately assuming a full Torah lifestyle.

After Pesach we will be starting the third term of our Hebrew’s Cool Club. It is a modern and fun way to education children in Jewish values and teachings. Details here.
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Friday / First Night Yom Tov 
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10.30 am

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7.30 pm

Sunday Morning / Second Day Yom Tov
10.30 am

Parshah in a Nutshell

Following the deaths of Nadav and Avihu, G‑d warns against unauthorized entry “into the holy.” Only one person, the kohen gadol (“high priest”), may, but once a year, on Yom Kippur, enter the innermost chamber in the Sanctuary to offer the sacred ketoret to G‑d.

Another feature of the Day of Atonement service is the casting of lots over two goats, to determine which should be offered to G‑d and which should be dispatched to carry off the sins of Israel to the wilderness.

The Parshah of Acharei also warns against bringing korbanot (animal or meal offerings) anywhere but in the Holy Temple, forbids the consumption of blood, and details the laws prohibiting incest and other deviant sexual relations.


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