Prayer Services during COVID-19

All services will take place outdoor in open sided Gazebos. We hope the weather is kind to us, but we think it is preferable to being indoors as: 

1. It will allow more distancing and more people to attend.
2. It is safer to be outdoors.
3. Masks will not be required (but are welcomed), which can be uncomfortable when worn for a long time.
4. Singing will be allowed.

Please register for our services below. You can currently register for Shabbos Haazinu/Shabbos Shuva and/or Yom Kippur services. We will provide a form for Sukkos after Yom Kippur.

Please note only those who have registered will be allowed to attend! Registration will close when we are at capacity, so book in good time!

Our plan is that all services will be able to take place in the Gazebos, with some simultaneous children's services for children 3-6 taking place indoors. 

Our hope is that all of our preparations will be unnecessary as we'll be davening in Yerusholayim with Moshiach!!

Booking Form (1) for Shabbos Haazinu/Shabbos Shuva


Booking Form (2) for Yom Kippur


Our risk assessment is available  here .
Our risk assessment for children's services is