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What & Where 

The Curriculums 
We have chosen three highly recommended, professional curriculums for the Hebrew's Cool Club. 
Adventures with Alef is an interactive and fun way for children to learn to read and write the Hebrew letters.
Mitzvot around Town takes the children on a virtual trip around town learning about mitzvot along the way.
My Holiday Adventures is a curriculum that brings the Jewish festivals to life.

The lessons will include arts and crafts and hands on activities.

The Details
Where? Leeds Menorah School, Street Lane, LS17*
When? Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 4.30-5.30pm
Ages? 3-5 years old
Details? Dabrushy on 07970 190 210 or office@judaismlive.com

Please note, while HCC is on Zoom, sessions will only be an hour long, 4.30-5.30pm
(and you'll need to provide the snacks and supper!)

 3.30-4pm      Welcome, Themed Play, Snacks
 4-4.25  Adventure with Alef
 4.25-4.35  Free Play

 My Holiday Adventures / Mitzvot Around Town

 5-5.30pm  Themed Play, Hot Supper 


Do I need to stay with my child?
No. You are welcome to hang around but our staff will take good care of your child.
Can you arrange transport for my child? 
We will definitely try to help! If you need transport, or are able to offer to car pool, please be in touch.
Do we need to send our child for all the sessions?
No. You can send your child for either Tuesdays or Wednesdays, or a mixture of both! We encourage you to book days for a term at a time so we can plan the lessons and you can get a discount.
We might not get to the sessions on time. Is it still worth coming?
Yes. Please be in touch with us to see how we can tailor the learning.
Will my child enjoy themselves?
Yes! We have some great young teachers to run the program, new modern curriculums and fun toys and activities.
Won't my child be tired after a full day at school?
If they are anything like our children, probably! But we've planned the schedule to give them some downtime and we're sure they'll have a great time!

*Leeds Menorah School is an Ofsted registered premises