Shavuot Events at the Centre

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First Day Shavuot (Sunday - 24th May)

Shacharit at 10 am. Aseret Hadibrot (The Ten Commandments) at 11 am, followed by Childrens' Ice-Cream Party and a Delicious Cheese-Cake Kiddush for all sponsored by the Bodansky Family. 



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Second Day Shavuot (Monday - 25th May)

Shacharis at 10 am followed by a Yom Tov Luncheon. All welcome!
No charge but please pre-book for catering purposes.
Details: Rabbi Reuven Cohen - [email protected] or 07814 856 360 / 0113 266 3311
Luncheon sponsored in loving memory of חי'ה היזל בת יואל and רבקה בת שמואל.



Shavuot Minyan Times

Shabbat 23rd May First Night Yom Tov
Mincha: 9.00pm
Learning Session
Candle Lighting Time & Maariv: 10.20pm
All Night Learning: From 1am

Sunday 24th May First Day Yom Tov
Shacharit: 10am
Aseret Hadibrot: 11am
Cheese Cake Kiddush 

Mincha: 9.00pm
Learning Session
Maariv and Candle Lighting: 10.03pm

Thursday 25th May Second Day Yom Tov
Shacharit: 10am
Yizkor: 11.30am
Yom Tov Luncheon

Mincha: 9.00pm
Learning Session
Maariv and Yom Tov Ends: 10.23pm