The Show and Show History

The Exodus Experience is an interactive, hands-on, educational production, re-enacting the story of the exodus from Egypt as told in the Torah. Audience participation and cast interaction make this Passover wonderland a fun, fresh and exiting production that’s not to be missed. Developed more than 10 years ago, Exodus has been presented in major cities throughout the world and in front of thousands of people of diverse backgrounds.

From Australia to South Africa, Canada to California, Connecticut to New York, everyone who has seen Exodus has thoroughly enjoyed it and been truly inspired.

The New York production of Exodus brought over 18,000 men, women and children. The Exodus team in now making its way to England where thousands of men, women and children will have the opportunity to experience this live interactive show in London.

What the audience can expect 

A fresh, entertaining and truly humorous hands-on learning experience!

Live the Exodus from Egypt as if they where there.

Receive an Egyptian's costume as they journey back in time through a Time Machine to more than 3,300 years ago to the year of 2448.

Witness the brutal slavery imposed upon the Jewish people,

See how Moses’ is rescued from the Nile River, and his encounter with the burning bush.

Walk along side Moses into Pharaoh palace and demand that the Jewish brothers and sisters be freed and warn of the impending plagues.

Live through the 10 plagues, the splitting of the Red Sea, and a hot and dusty trek through the dessert to Mount Sinai where they receive the Ten Commandments.

After the show children learn the intricate process of baking Matzah by threshing the wheat, kneading the dough and baking their own Matzah in the same way it has been done for thousands of years.


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