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The Jewish Woman
Chabad-Lubavitch Summer Schemes
Chabad Lubavitch Summer Schemes are the original and still the best. We provide activities for children aged 3 - 15, giving personal attention to all ...
Summer Mini Course
Click here for details of a three-week mini course from JLI.
Lunch n Learn
Click here for information about a Lunch n Learn in the City Centre.
Bagels, Lox & Tefillin
Please join us for B.L.T. at Chabad-Lubavitch Leeds. Bagels, Lox and Tefillin runs every SUNDAY. Shacharit begins at 8.30am followed by a bagel ...
Torah E-Thought Archive
Read Torah E-Thoughts from previous weeks in this easy to navigate archive.
The Rebbe: Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson
Essays, insights and letters, stories and first-person accounts, and an online biography of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, ...
Lesson 9. As the World Turns: Modern Jewish Law
The second half of the last millennium (1500-today) saw still newer developments in ...
Foundations of the Jewish HomePractical Halachah: The Three Weeks
Leadership in Times of Darkness
If Pinchas was rewarded with the gift of his children inheriting his priesthood, why ...
The Greatest ServantPinchas In Depth
The Baal Shem Tov and the Old Man
Dressed in rags, with a pair of buckets of water resting on his rounded shoulders, the ...
Your Questions
No One Listens to Me!
I consider myself to be a very attentive listener, but as soon as it is my turn to ...
Should I Marry an Alcoholic?
On the Calendar
17th of Tammuz: History, Laws and Customs
The fast of the 17th of Tammuz commemorates five tragic events that occurred on that ...
Tisha B’Av and the 3 WeeksWho Will Build the Third Bais Hamikdash, Man or G-d?
Three Generations Share the Mitzvah of Mikvah
As the week before my wedding approached and three generations of women prepared to ...
And at that time there will be no hunger or war, no jealousy or rivalry. For the good will be plentiful, and all delicacies available as dust. The entire occupation of the world will be only to know G-d... the people Israel will be of great wisdom; they will perceive the esoteric truths and comprehend their Creator's wisdom as is the capacity of man. As it is written (Isaiah 11:9): "For the earth shall be filed with the knowledge of G-d, as the waters cover the sea."
— Maimonides (Mishneh Torah, Laws of Kings 12:5)