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Kids Zone
The Jewish Woman
Chabad Lubavitch Forty Years Dinner
The Friends of Chabad Lubavitch take pleasure in inviting you to the Chabad Lubavitch, 40 Years Serving Leeds, Dinner.
JLI: Justice and the War on Terror
An all new, CPD accredited course about the morals and the justice behind the War on Terror.
Torah Tots - Alef Bet
A baby and toddler group focusing on the Alef Bet.
Alef Bet songs, stories & crafts.
Ages 0-5 yrs. For more information contact ...
Torah E-Thought Archive
Read Torah E-Thoughts from previous weeks in this easy to navigate archive.
Bagels, Lox & Tefillin
Please join us for B.L.T. at Chabad-Lubavitch Leeds. Bagels, Lox and Tefillin runs every SUNDAY. Shacharit begins at 8.30am followed by a bagel ...
The Rebbe: Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson
Essays, insights and letters, stories and first-person accounts, and an online biography of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, ...
Toldot In Depth
A condensation of the weekly Torah portion alongside select commentaries culled from ...
Why Did Isaac love Esau?Life Begins at 40
The Wellspring of Salvation
The verses regarding Isaac’s wells save a chassid’s livelihood.
‘You’ll Love Us—We’re So Disorganized!’
Source of Healing
During Shemini Atzeres hakafos in 1977, the Rebbe suffered a massive heart attack. Dr. ...
The Previous Rebbe's 4 AM Diary EntryFrom Kuwaiti Muslim to Jerusalem Jew
Lessons From My Parents’ House
I feel like I’m on a scavenger hunt for myself. Maybe I can find some clues to help ...
Karen Yemima Chose Judaism, Only to Be Killed by TerroristsThe Art of Falling
Why Do We Face East When Praying? Or Do We?
Even when our compass or map shows that Jerusalem is to the east of our location, we ...
Jewish News
5,600 Celebrate and Reflect at Chabad-Lubavitch Annual Banquet
75 years after Rebbe’s arrival in the U.S., Chabad launches center in 50th state.
Chabad Opens Center in 50th State: South DakotaThe Untold Bar Mitzvah Story of Brooklyn Dodger Ralph Branca
And it will come to pass, when all these things befall you -- the blessing and the curse which I have set before you -- that you will consider in your heart, among all the nations where the L-rd your G-d has banished you. And you will return to the L-rd your God with all your heart and with all your soul... Then the L-rd your G-d will bring back your exiles... Even if your exiles are at the end of the heavens, the L-rd your G-d will gather you from there... and He will bring you to the land which your forefathers possessed, and you will take possession of it; and He will do good to you, and He will make you more numerous than your forefathers...
— Deuteronomy 30:1-5