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  • JWC's Candle MakingThe Jewish Women's Circle invites you to celebrate Chanukah - Candle Making
  • The Last Jewish GangsterA Talk by Myron Sugerman on The Mob, The Jews & Israel
  • CteenCTeen offers programs that bring teens together to embrace their shared faith and give back to their communities and the environment.
  • Jacob’s EscalatorMiri gets a hi-tech lesson on “How Do Prayers Work?” We’re still waiting for the app. Read More
  • I Cried in the Supermarket With a StrangerI wanted to comfort her, to give her hope and let her know that this is how it starts sometimes. Read More
  • Bugsy Siegel’s Daughter Gets a Jewish Burial in Las VegasMillicent Rosen, 86, receives a proper funeral following a local rabbi’s visit to a hospice Read More
  • What Are Jewish Values?From our new section on Jews and Judaism Read More
  • Stay in Your Lane!Every child has his or her own way, their personal journey. The role of an educator is to figure... Read More
Upcoming Events
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Torah E-Thought
Shabbat Preparations
Usually preparations get under way for Shabbat on Thursday night and Friday afternoon....