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Chabad Lubavitch Forty Years  in Leeds Dinner
Chabad Lubavitch Forty Years in Leeds Dinner
Photos from the Chabad Lubavitch Forty Years in Leeds Dinner   More »
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Ask The Rabbi

Kids Zone
The Jewish Woman
Women's Night Out
JWC's Women's Night Out
Featuring Guest Speaker
Louise Hager
Elegant Dessert Buffet
RSVP: Dabrushy - 07970 190210
JLI: The Dilemma
Join us for an all new, six week course from the JLI - The Dilemma: Modern Conundrums. Talmudic Debates. Your Solutions.
Torah Tots -Tu B'Shvat
A baby and toddler group focusing on the Jewish Holidays.
Tu B'Shvat songs & crafts.
Bagel Brunch!
Ages 0-5 yrs. For more information contact ...
Lunch n Learn
Click here for information about a Lunch n Learn in the City Centre.
Torah E-Thought Archive
Read Torah E-Thoughts from previous weeks in this easy to navigate archive.
The Rebbe: Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson
Essays, insights and letters, stories and first-person accounts, and an online biography of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, ...
Your Questions
Are Early Bird Specials Kosher?
I could really use the extra cash, I was planning on offering an early-bird special: ...
Will We Use Technology to Build the Third Temple?
Can I Have a Relationship With Someone of a Different Faith?
Do you believe someone can be in a relationship with a person who has differing ...
Judaism’s Most Profound Teaching
Last week’s parshah describes the majesty of the giving of the Torah, a spiritually ...
The Most Important PartnerWhy People Are Never Happy
G-d’s Nudge
If G‑d does not want slavery, if He regards it as an affront to the human condition, ...
Why Are Jewish Holidays Pegged to the Agricultural Cycle?Shekalim Haftarah Companion
Saved From a Muddy Grave
Every time a Jewish person died in Radoshitz, the body was transported to a ...
Welcome to the House
The Sigh That Breaks the Human’s Back
Who else comes to a massage therapist except women with tense backs?
9 Ways to Deal with Difficult People
The countenance of Moses was like that of the sun; the countenance of Joshua was like that of the moon
— Talmud, Bava Batra 75a